A Leg In Heaven

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A Leg In Heaven

From: rmuru@pop.jaring.my (R.Murugappan)

Newsgroup: soc.religion.hindu

This is very interesting story from the Hindu Magazine called "Sakthi" in Malaysia:-

A hermit wished to see Heaven and Hell, and the conditions there.

He first went to hell. As he circled the place seeing what was taking place there, he came across a man without one leg.

"Who are you, sir?" asked the hermit. "Why have you come here?"

"Wise sage" replied the one-legged man "I was a very wealthy man on earth. I became greedy and committed many sins. Now I am suffering here for these sins."

The hermit then wandered into Heaven. In one place, the hermit saw just a leg without its owner. The surprised hermit asked around for an explanation. Then someone told him. "Dear sir, the one to whom this leg belongs was a great sinner. One day he kicked a pail of water towards a cow which was suffering from thirst. Because of this, the leg that kicked the pail came to heaven for the good deed and the rest of the body went to hell for the bad deeds."


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