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Om jaya jagadeesha hare      
swami jaya jagadeesha hare      
bhakta janom ke sankat (2)      
kshaNa me doore kare      
Om jaya jagadeesha hare      
Glory to the creator of the world, who takes away the troubles of the devotee in      
a flash! Glory to the creator of the world!      
jo dhaare phala paave      
dukha vinaash man kaa      
swami, dukha vinaash man kaa
sukha sampati ghar aave (2) 
kashta mite tan kaa      
Om jaya jagadeesha hare      
He who prays gets fruit, troubles of the mind are set at peace, peace and  prosperity come home, problems of the body disappear! Glory to the creator of  the world!
maata pita tuma mere      
sharaNa kahun mai kisaki      
swami, sharaNa kahun mai kisaki
tum bina aur na duja (2)      
aas karun mai jisaki      
Om jaya jagadeesha hare      
You are my parents, who  else could I surrender to for retreat, without you there is no one else who I can rely upon! Glory to the creator of the world!
tum pooraNa paramaatma      
tum antarayaami      
swami, tum antarayaami      
paara brahma parameshwara (2)      
tum sabaki swami      
Om jaya jagadeesha hare      
You are omnipresent, you are omnipotent, you are Supreme Lord, you areeveryone's Master! Glory to the creator of the world!
tum karuNa ke saagar     
tum paalana karata     
swami, tum paalana karata     
mai sevak tum swami (2)     
kripa karo bharataa     
Om jaya jagadeesha hare     
You are extremely merciful, you are the protector, I am your servant, you are my Lord, Have mercy one m! Glory to the creator of the world!
tum ho eka agochara     
sab ke praaNa prati     
swami, sab ke praaNa prati     
kisa vidha miloo dayamay (2)     
tumako mai kumati     
Om jaya jagadeesha hare     
You are one invincible, you are dear to everyone' heart, How should I meet you, O compassionate one? I being so ignorant! Glory to the creator of the world!
deena bandhu dukha harata     
tum rakshaka mere     
swami, tum rakshaka mere     
karuNa haath uthaao (2)     
dvaara paree tere     
Om jaya jagadeesha hare     
O, friend of the poor, remover of all sorrows, O my protector, Raise your merciful hands, I am at your doorstep! Glory to the creator of the world!
vishaya vikaara mitaao     
paapa haro devaa     
swami, paapa haro devaa     
shradha bhakti badhaao (2)     
santana ki seva     
Om jaya jagadeesha hare     
Remove all my worldly passions and desires, free me from sin, enhance faith and devotion in me and the spirit of service for the saintly beings! Glory to the  creator of the world!


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